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PowerAutomate: Teams Connector Fails to List TimeZones

Connector error saying cannot list timezones.

Recently, I faced a strange issue, I was trying to create teams meeting using cloud flow, and the connector’s create meeting step was not listing timezone and not allowing me to set timezone as a custom dynamic value. It was also giving a retrieval error message as shown below.

Could not retrieve values. The dynamic invocation request failed with error: {
  "error": {
    "code": "ResourceNotFound",
    "message": "Resource could not be discovered.",
    "innerError": {
      "date": "2021-10-28T11:49:20",
      "request-id": "a0e7df5f-d119-4534-a8c3-5332e6f8b906",
      "client-request-id": "a0e7df5f-d119-4534-a8c3-5332e6f8b906"

The Issue

I was testing this using a service account, and this was working fine for my user account. I was sure from the beginning itself that it was going to be some permission issue. However, I had no idea what permission I should look for. Finally, I managed to find that teams and other Microsoft applications use the Outlook Graph APIS to retrieve timezones and languages. I tried calling the APIs using the service account and I could replicate the error response. Now, it’s clear that the user is missing the required permissions to call outlook graph APIs.

The Fix

I am not so proficient with outlook and I raised this concern with our internal outlook team and they fixed this issue. What I could gather from them is that, the service account’s online office mailbox was not correctly enabled , which then they enabled with proper permissions. If you face similar issue, checking the mailbox permissions could save you a few hours ūüôā

Hope this helps.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is behaving weird!!! (Common troubleshooting tips)

Sometimes your on-premise CRM system will show, some weird behaviors like workflows are not executing¬†/¬†plugins¬†are not working¬†/¬†data imports are failing¬†without any data issues etc…

I have faced certain issues¬†like the¬†entire system is not working¬†, system will ¬†show error messages without any logs, the only message it ¬†displays is “an error has¬†occurred”.

Following are the common issues you can check in such situations.

Ensure CRM Asynchronous services are running

From the server Administrative Tools select Services, and if the CRM Asynchronous services are not running ensure to start the services (if the Asynchronous  services are not running CRM will stop working).

Ensure CRM Sandbox services are running

From the server Administrative Tools select Services, and if the CRM Sandbox services are not running ,please start the services. If the Sandbox services are not running CRM will stop working or the normal system jobs will fail without showing any valid errors .

Check IIS

Ensure the following in IIS

CRM application pool and CRM  website are up. Try browsing the CRM website from IIS.

Make sure your SQL server and Reporting services are up

Ensure your local machine time is in sync with the server time 

This may sound funny but trust me this simple point can save your many productive hours.

Recently my system failed to ¬†perform certain operations and I wasn’t able to connect the Xrm tools too. When I debugged I got the keyword “past time” , then I identified that the server time was different from my local machine.

If you have tried all the above steps and still you are not able to identify the issue,please check the server event viewer this may give you some details regarding the failure.

Hope this helps!!!… ¬†ūüôā