PowerAutomate: Teams Connector Fails to List TimeZones

Connector error saying cannot list timezones.

Recently, I faced a strange issue, I was trying to create teams meeting using cloud flow, and the connector’s create meeting step was not listing timezone and not allowing me to set timezone as a custom dynamic value. It was also giving a retrieval error message as shown below.

Could not retrieve values. The dynamic invocation request failed with error: {
  "error": {
    "code": "ResourceNotFound",
    "message": "Resource could not be discovered.",
    "innerError": {
      "date": "2021-10-28T11:49:20",
      "request-id": "a0e7df5f-d119-4534-a8c3-5332e6f8b906",
      "client-request-id": "a0e7df5f-d119-4534-a8c3-5332e6f8b906"

The Issue

I was testing this using a service account, and this was working fine for my user account. I was sure from the beginning itself that it was going to be some permission issue. However, I had no idea what permission I should look for. Finally, I managed to find that teams and other Microsoft applications use the Outlook Graph APIS to retrieve timezones and languages. I tried calling the APIs using the service account and I could replicate the error response. Now, it’s clear that the user is missing the required permissions to call outlook graph APIs.

The Fix

I am not so proficient with outlook and I raised this concern with our internal outlook team and they fixed this issue. What I could gather from them is that, the service account’s online office mailbox was not correctly enabled , which then they enabled with proper permissions. If you face similar issue, checking the mailbox permissions could save you a few hours 🙂

Hope this helps.

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