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I Wish I Would Have Known #31: App Access Checker

App access checker image

You can enter a user’s email address and see the list of published apps in your environment and all the access, license, and security information specific to that user. This can be very useful in troubleshooting why a user cannot see a specific app in your environment. The tool can be accessed from the admin center or via direct URL.


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I Wish I Would Have Known #29: Default Environment Limitations

I Wish I Would Have Known strip 29: Default Environment Limitations

A single default environment is automatically created by Power Apps for each tenant and shared by all users in that tenant. Whenever a new user signs up for Power Apps, they’re automatically added to the Maker role of the default environment. The default environment is created in the region closest to the default region of the Azure AD tenant. Read more

I Wish I Would Have Known #27: Add Spacers in Modern Model Driven App Designer

Image: To add spacer switch back to the classic editor and add.

While modern app designer provides phenomenal low code experience, it still misses some small and useful components in the classic editor. One such component is spacer control. Currently, this can be added to the form only by switching back to the classic designer, once added, we can switch back to the modern editor. Please upvote the Idea suggestion here to enable this component in the modern designer.

I Wish I Would Have Known #26: Web API “RetrieveAllEntities” Function

Strip 26: Web API “RetrieveAllEntities” Function

The Web Api method “RetrieveAllEntities” function can be a bit confusing as it was not included in the early versions and will give you errors, if you have the older end point hardcoded in your code.

GET {{webapiurl}}RetrieveAllEntities(EntityFilters=Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.EntityFilters'Entity', RetrieveAsIfPublished=true)

This function should be used with caution and appropriate filters, since it can return a huge amount of data. Read mode about the function here