Tired of creating a new console application to connect to Dynamics 365 CRM/Dataverse? Use a template!

XRM Tricks (Power Platform & Dynamics CRM )

Sometimes we are asked to create console applications that interact with Dynamics CRM/ Dataverse, and like every new developer, we create a new project and look for a piece of code on the internet to start, or we copy existing code from an old project. I used this approach during all my projects, today I say stop, I want something more automatic and practical to start any new project of this kind.

Today I will share with you my experience on how to create a console app template project to connect dataverse and how to share the project template using a visual studio extension.

Let’s start with a demo. After following the steps in this blog, you will have the possibility to create a console app project that connects to Dataverse/Dynamics 365 CRM. The objective is to start implementing the business logic of the application without worrying about other aspects…

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